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Who are we?

IR Installers supply and install roof vents for residential and commercial buildings. Our team consists of fully qualified and technically trained installers. We are committed to offering our valued customers an efficient, friendly and professional service. While we pride ourselves on the quality of our service, our clients always appreciate our competitive pricing.


IR installers supply and install both locally and internationally manufactured roof vents.  Our emphasis is working with products recognised for quality and affordability. Local brands include: Windmaster; Twister; and LP Vent. International brands include Whirlybird and Supavent. We gladly advise clients on the benefits of the different brands and work within client budget to ensure that clients choose the right products for their needs, be it for industrial or residential purposes.


Are we unique?

Not all roof vent installers were created equal.

There are other roof vent suppliers and installers, why would you want to use us? We are about service, quality and affordability, which is what we deliver every time. What you also need to know is that by nature of installing a roof vent, a hole is made in the roof. A hole in the roof is something that goes against the principle of having a roof. If the installation is not done by appropriately trained and fully qualified installers, then you risk the endless costs of trying to fix leaks from poor workmanship. All of our installers are fully qualified and trained to fit the roof vent according to the manufacturers’ technical specifications. Our track record speaks volumes, we don’t leave leaks, we leave you with environmental comfort and peace of mind that comes with quality at affordable prices.


What is a roof vent?

Roof vents, also known as roof turbines, turbine vents or whirlybirds, are mechanisms that enable the ventilation of a roof. The wind driven mechanism of a roof vent promotes active ventilation of the roof area allowing the heat and moisture trapped in a roof to escape and fresh air to enter the roof cavity. The air movement keeps the roof cavity cooler in summer and removes the moisture in winter.


What are the benefits of a Roof Vent?

Roof ventilation is a critical factor in any energy efficient building. Are you running an energy efficient building? Or are you comfortable with your power bill?

Unlike air conditioning units, which draw large amounts of electricity, roof vents run on no electricity. Therefore they are a cost efficient environmentally friendly cooling system. Quality roof vents are also maintenance free and come with three to five year guarantee from the manufacturer.

Consider that the ceiling space of a roof is a mechanism to trap heat and keep the living space of the house or building cool. While the ceiling offers effective relief from the heat, it also traps the heat, which then begins to transmit through the rest of the building. The roof vent allows the hot air to escape from the ceiling or roof area. As the heat escapes, cool air is introduced and the ambient temperature of the roof and therefore rest of the building is lowered.

In winter, roof cooling may not be a primary concern, but dampness is. The air movement, which the roof vent promotes, has the added benefit of removing moisture build up and dampness in the roof void. Reducing damp in the roofing structure also reduces the deterioration of the materials, so ultimately, maintenance costs are reduced. Less moisture in the roof cavity also allows a more comfortable climate within the building.


Who needs roof vents?

Every building where climate control is required should have a roof vent. While you often see them on the roofs of warehouses and factories offering cost effective climate control inside the building, homeowners should consider installing a roof vent as a more environmentally friendly and cost effective alternative to air conditioning.


Energy efficiency for your buildings

IR installers are here to assist you achieving a cost effective, energy efficient building. We invite you to call us and discuss your needs. There are no obligations attached to the call, but remain sure that, having spoken to us you will join the list of happy customers. We are here to make sure you are comfortable in your building.

IR installers provide roof vent installation services to the greater Cape Town area.